Additional Information

These are some helpful tips to get you through some simple problems.  If you have a problem that isn't listed here, please contact us and we will help you out and post your issue here for others who are experiencing similar issues.

Computer Operations
The speed at which your computer will run, depends on the amount of resources you have available.  Applications, utilize resources such as; RAM (Random Access Memory), CPU (Central Processor Unit), and Hard Drive space.  If your computer is slow it is most likely related to a lack of resources or that you are attempting to run to many applications at once.

Maintenance Issues
Keep your laptop out of extreme hot and cold temperatures, which could affect the performance of the PC.  Do not eat or drink near your computer.

Keep it Safe, Keep it Clean
Remember to keep your Anti-Virus, Spyware, and Internet Security definitions up to date.  Also try to run Disk Cleanup on a regular bases.  This will ensure that your PC is safe and running fast. 

Printers, Scanner, All-In-Ones
When you purchase a new printer, remember too purchase a USB and/or Fire Wire Cable as these devices don't come with one unless specified on the box.  Also, remember to add it to the list of printers for your computer. This will allow you to print on your new printer.

Memory Upgrade
If your computer is running slow, taking a long time to start up, or even reacting sluggish to programs, then maybe you need a memory upgrade.  Upgrading your PC's Memory can help with response time and program features.

Remember Patch Tuesday
Microsoft releases security patches, updates, and release packages the second Tuesday of every month.  Remember to check for updates.  Your computer may be set to Automatically update.  This is good if you forget or don't have time to do your updates.  You can set this option from the Windows Update URL or from the Control Panel on your computer.